Peggy Schmid

dsc_0256-640x424 Peggy will be doing one rotation at this years’ symposium – Turning a Natural Edge Platter.

In this class she will use a slab of a burl to turn a natural edge platter and will use surface decorations and carving to enhance the design.  As always, safety and proper tool use will be emphasized as part of the class.

We will start with a slab cut and determine the best method of mounting the blank on the lathe.  The first step is to level the blank and turn a tenon.  Before inverting the piece, I will sand and finish the back side of the platter.  Once that is accomplished I will flip the platter and turn the front surface.  I will explore the various methods of surface enhancements and will discuss the design possibilities. 

Surface textures will be discussed along with carving and paint applications.  I will decide what works best for the piece with emphasis on enhancing the color and figure of the natural wood.  Once I have completed the embellishments, I will apply a spray finish to stabilize the paint and protect the wood surfaces.  We will talk about the various methods of applying finishes and why certain finishes are better suited to different types of end use of the piece.


As a native Atlantan, Peggy E. Schmid, watched the city of Atlanta grow from a small town into a thriving metropolis.  Most of her life has been spent in and around the Atladscn2741nta area.  After working in the private sector for many years, she returned to college.   At the age of 35, she obtained her degree in Fine Arts from, The Atlanta College of Art, (SCAD), with a major in Sculpture in 1990.   It was her lifelong dream to become an artist.  She also trained as an Art Educator at Georgia State University where she was an Honor’s Society Student.

Ms. Schmid produced several major sculptural works in her career including; the Pinwheel Project for the Artist Complex, “Tula” in Buckhead, and large scale sculptural pieces for the movie “Freejack”, produced by Morgan Creek Productions.  Her drawings were featured by the Gorilla Girls in Chicago and at ABC No-Rio in New York City.dsc_0077

Two of her turned pieces were featured in the HGTV Green Home in 2013 in Georgia.  She has won many awards for her turnings in competitions throughout the country.

Presently, Ms. Schmid is a member of The American Association of Woodturners and is the current President of the Georgia Association of Woodturners. She has previously served on the board of the Apple Ridge Woodturners.  She is currently working with Women in Turning in conjunction with the AAW to promote women’s vital role in the field of woodturning.

Ms. Schmid demonstrates woodturning for many of the clubs in and around Georgia and is a frequent demonstrator at the trade shows for woodworking and woodturning.

The woodturnings of Ms. Schmid may be found in private and corporate collections throughout the country.