Dennis Paullus

Woodturning started as a hobby for me in 1996 when I received a lathe for Christmas. This started the wonderful journey of learning and discovery for me into the world of wooDennis+Paullus-1dturning. I have always been a maker it seems. I began drawing and modeling clay at a pretty young age. I was a carpenter’s helper one summer at 15 years old. That was to lead to a lifetime into construction where I continued my thirst for making and building. I eventually did less and less making than I did organizing and planning as it became more of a job than a passion.

Woodturning returned me my passion for making and working wood with my hands again. I make functional and sculptural work and the carving and embellishing of these objects has become a big part of my work today.DP1030329

Teaching and Demonstrating is a logical result of my journey too. Sharing the techniques of turning and carving have become very full filing and satisfying. These techniques were freely taught to me by others as part of the woodturning mission statement which I strive to continue.

As I start my 20th year of this journey of sharing and teaching I find that my passions have not dimmed but burn ever brighter with every year.